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Meet Little Mx. Diggy!


Little Mx. Diggy went out one summer’s eve, 

With both of their parents and their big brother, Steve. 

Diggy chose that evening to share their gender with their fam,

And they so bravely announced "This is me. Perfect, just that way I am."


Nice work Little Mx. Diggy! Coming out as non-binary isn't easy.

And yes, you definitely are perfect, just as you are.


These ethically sourced, 100% cotton shirts are printed at one of our partner printing houses closest to you, reducing our carbon footprint and delivery charges.




This T-shirt comes from our MX. LINE. What is Mx. you ask? Mx. is a gender neutral salutation like Mr., Mrs., Miss and Ms. For folks who don't identify with the traditional binary salutations, or for others who prefer not to focus on their gender when signing their names, you can use Mx! For example, Little Miss Sunshine can be Little Mx. Sunshine. 


In case you were wondering, Mx. is pronounced "mix". Mx. was created in the 1970's and there are now many other salutations being used to help people share who they are, in simple yet specific ways.

Armadillo Kids Crewneck T-shirt